Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo Treatment

Before finding out more about vitiligo treatment, it is important to have a clear understanding about what Vitiligo is. In effect, this is a condition in which a person will suffer from a general abnormality of their immune system which can lead to white colored patches developing in the skin. It is also important to understand that as yet though there are more than a few vitiligo treatment options available; there is no acceptable and permanent cure for the condition.

Vitiligo treatment – not simple or straightforward

This in turn means that current vitiligo treatment is not so simple and it is also not a straightforward thing. This is however not reason to think about vitiligo treatment in a negative light because the condition itself does not pose any threat to one’s life or health. The problem is actually cosmetic by nature and any good local vitiligo treatment can help in providing relief.

Most people use vitiligo treatment to help get rid of the white colored patches. There is no sense in looking for a permanent cure for the condition. The good news however is that there are a handful of vitiligo treatment options available that you can choose from, but only after discussing the problem with your physician. Among the different vitiligo treatment options available those such as home remedies and alternative treatments are worth checking out.

Prescription medicines are also used in vitiligo treatment and some people even choose to undergo surgical therapy.

Home remedies

Most people, when they start looking for a good vitiligo treatment, will think about using a home remedy. These are easy to use and include things such as making simple changes to diet and ingesting psoralens. The benefits vary but ingesting psoralens is certainly the most effective home remedy.

Alternate Treatments

There are also alternative vitiligo treatment options available that are worth checking out. These include oral psoralen therapy and topical psoralen therapy as well as ayurveda and homeopathy. Oral psoralen therapy is a commonly used vitiligo treatment option in which a person ingests the plant Psoralea corylifolia. However, this does mean putting up with an especially unpleasant taste.

Homeopathy treats vitiligo as a systemic disease that is expressed locally. This vitiligo treatment option aims at detecting and restoring abnormalities in the body’s constitution. The Ayurvedic option is based on the Indian medicinal system in which use of herbs and natural products helps in providing suitable relief.

Prescription medicines

Prescription medicines are another option for those who are looking for quick vitiligo treatment. This option requires taking of very potent and strong steroids. However, this option is plagued by side effects and the relief offered by medicines is generally only temporary. Prescription medicines are not the most effective and they do not make good use of psoralens.

Topical Steroid Therapy

Steroids are known to suppress the immunity in a significant manner and so can prove to be beneficial to the auto immune system. However, this vitiligo treatment is not as potent as psoralen photochemotherapy.

Surgical Therapy

Surgical therapy is another vitiligo treatment option. One can choose to get skin grafts using blisters or one can also choose autologous melanocyte transplants and even tattooing can be considered another effective vitiligo treatment option.